Why You Should go Camping This Summer

Give yourself a chance to use the tent with those tricky poles that never seem to bend right. Look forward to unraveling the flannel sleeping bag, the hand-me-down from your parents, which smells like Brut, sweat, and campfire. With warm clothes for the cool nights, and a durable air mattress, each of you can enjoy a sound sleep away from home. Take a chance on your hiking boots from the 80s and douse your exposed skin with mosquito repellent. With the power of the automobile, you and the family can explore a new camping location, providing a vacation fit for everyone.

While there are many ways to vacation, camping seems to be the perfect way to submit your will to Mother Nature's unforeseen ways and take on some new adventures. It doesn't matter how you and your family choose to camp. You might be the type who likes to rough it in a real way: meaning no tent, just backpacks filled with basic survival gear. If this is your family, please tell Bear Grylls hello for us, and enjoy your trip.

Your family may have a nifty four-wheeled camper, one equipped with foldout beds, a cook stove, and a mini Jacuzzi on top. (If you've ever seen The Goofy Movie and the scene where P.J. and his dad go camping next to Goofy and his son, you'll know what we mean.) This kind of luxurious camping sounds great, and we hope you achieve the ultimate relaxation.

For a more traditional approach, you and your family probably have a few tents and some rusty camping gear. This will work too. In any case, there are moments in the outdoors which can't be created any other way.