Why Choose a High Rise Air Mattress

Choosing a high rise versus a classic rise air bed can definitely make a difference in your sleep. You may have experienced an airbed that caved in by the morning, or maybe it dropped you on the floor as you shifted from one corner to the other. If this was the case, there's no need to worry because there are airbeds made to conquer these problems. In fact, most people agree that sleeping on a high rise has a definite advantage over the classic rise. The question then becomes, which high rise is best? What features are important to look for in a high rise air bed?

The perfect raised airbed can provide the kind of sleep you have been missing: one of plushness and peace. Beds such as Fox Airbed's high rise air mattresses have a few qualities that you just can't overlook while choosing an air mattress.

Fox Plush High Rise Queen Air Mattress
  • Fox Airbed's high rise beds are made with a unique air chamber construction that circulates air smoothly through the mattress. Therefore, all sides of the bed are even and durable. Staying at someone else's house might make it difficult to get a quality sleep. To ensure that your guests wake up in a relatively good mood, look for beds with a firm and adjustable surface. This way, each sleeper will not be affected by the other sleeper's movement. Most raised Fox Airbeds beds come with a tethered remote, which allows you and the other person to adjust the firmness, all night if you need.
  • You might be concerned with the inflation time of high rise air mattresses, since they require more air. A decisive factor in choosing a high rise is the pump type. A high output pump is essential to quickly filling up an airbed, especially when it's a high rise. Fox Airbeds are targeted toward a speedy and space-efficient inflation. In fact, the high rise Fox Airbeds can inflate in about 2 min. Also, they are made with high output pumps that maintains air pressure while you sleep.
  • These beds are easier to dress up--turning them into a deluxe bed--so your guests will feel right at home. You can garnish them with sheets, throw pillows, a comfy blanket, and even a bed skirt. A high rise will give just the right height for a bed skirt to hang at its proper length, without dragging.
  • Because these beds are raised, they will keep you or your guests higher off the ground and farther away from cold drafts or air vents closer to the ground. And, these raised air mattresses are much easier to exit, without all the early morning strain trying to get up off the ground.
  • Since high rise airbed companies push the idea of a more comfortable night's sleep, you might be concerned that the bed will be much more expensive than a classic rise. However, the Fox High Rise Airbeds come in a fair price range. They look and feel more like a traditional mattress, which means you feel closer to home without paying loads of money.

The right high rise airbed is no average way to sleep, and there's no need for an air mattress stand since a high rise bed is naturally propped up. So, next time remember that a high rise air mattress is usually a better selection, especially compared to your stiff, springy futon taking up half the guest room.