What Your Airmattress Says About You

The way you live is likely to affect your sleep. But all lifestyle choices aside, let's determine the sleeping category in which you exist. You may be a knee sleeper: someone who juts his or her legs out at a 90 degree angle, usually into a fellow sleeper's back. Or you might be a starfish sleeper: this includes sleepers who splay their long limbs toward every corner of the bed. You may be a snuggler: someone who needs close connections during the night—this includes setting the Jerry Maguire DVD on replay while intertwining legs, arms, and sometimes toes. There might be one person, somewhere out there who sleeps with his or her face in the pillow, knees bunched toward the chest, and arms outspread. If this is you, that's okay. There is an ideal mattress out there that can amplify your sleep as well.

So we've organized some mattress styles that might fit you, your routine, and most importantly your sleep.

First, there's the memory foam mattress. This bed is unique in its ability to comfort you in a ball of affection with its one inch thick memory foam layer. It's meant to remember every curve, right as you hit the bed. It's great for the narcissist, who expects everyone to remember him or her. But this bed is also great for the bird-boned, Goldie Locks types: ones who need absolute plush comfort for their delicate frames. After a long day of high stress, the memory foam top will melt around you like a layer of love.

Next, there are the airbeds with a remote control wand. This adjustment wand is tethered to the bed for security and control, and it allows you to inflate or deflate with just a switch. It's not only great for the worrier, but it's also good for those seeking complete power. You can stay in bed, and at your command, you can adjust the firmness. If you're unsatisfied, keep adjusting until you find the right spot (there's a perfect level even for you).

The high-rise beds, which raise 13 to 18 inches, fit an array of personalities and schedules. They inflate high and fast for the thrill-seeking types. But they also accommodate a royal type because the high-rise beds look fancy, and they are perfect for tons of pillows, satin sheets, or any other extravagant bedding. It's ideal for the A -lister who would rather sleep above his or her understudies.

The king size mattresses are a big deal. The 76 in x 80 in dimensions make gigantic, giggling sleepovers possible. But they're also ideal for super bowl extremists. When all the couches are taken up, and there's no room for the stragglers on the floor, this airbed will be just the thing to unite everyone, even opposing fans. It's big and tough, and it will get people through the whole game, even into double overtime, no problems.

One can't forget about the camping airbeds. When you're out under the stars, feeling relaxed on a cool evening, minus the shiv-like rocks under your back, you throw a sturdy camping airbed into the mix and change everything. These are built with puncture resistant, PVC material, which is made to get you through anything in the outdoors. These things are great, not just for avid campers, but also for people who have decided to hoof it across the US. These types have taken it upon themselves to pack light by pushing only a jogging stroller full of belongings—just enough stuff to get them from one couch surfing visit to the next. But this time, they don't have to sleep on an actual couch. Instead, they can surprise everyone with a luxury air mattress.

Luckily, there are creative sleeping options like an air mattress with a built-in pillow. For a forgetful sleeper, these beds are exemplary because the pillow is fixed onto the bed. You may forget everything else when visiting your in-laws, who are already skeptical of you. But at least you can sleep well knowing that your head is supported, unlike your radical ideals.

The quick inflating beds will always be efficient for the multi-tasker, busy-bee, or workaholic. Just like an iphone, ipad, or Bluetooth, the bed will accommodate quickly and sensibly. For a quick take down, some of these beds come with a Whoosh valve that can deflate it in a minute. It's great for those who just need enough sleep but not too much because, of course, they have much more pertinent things to do.

What Your Air Mattress Says About You Infographic