What is the Best Air Mattress?

Just like any bed, air mattresses are important. Quality air beds allow you to optimize space while storing them or using them. They are recommended for many temporary or permanent sleeping occasions such as camping, traveling, moving, and much more. It's essential to find the perfect air bed for yourself or for your guests because one uncomfortable bed can throw off anyone's sleep. Luckily, as air mattress quality continues to improve, finding a handy and affordable air bed is much easier.

Fox Plush High Rise King Air Mattress

Here are 5 qualities you should look for:

  1. Comfort- Finding the right comfort for you is important to us, so we've listed several beds with different comfort levels.
  2. Durability- We expect our beds to last and this is possible with the best vinyl material. Our beds are made to be a sustainable asset to your home or anywhere you'd like to travel.
  3. Warranty- Our customer guarantees are made for customer satisfaction. Accidents and wear are likely to happen over time. For these instances we provide excellent warranties.
  4. Price- Depending on the style, our beds come in affordable and varying prices.
  5. Customer reviews- Your opinion matters to us, so we've included customer reviews to help you better determine your air mattress.

With this in mind, we've organized our top brands with these qualities:

  1. Fox Memory Foam: The surface of this bed has a plush memory pad. Despite the soft top layer, the bed is very sustainable. It has a guaranteed warrantee, and it's received 5 stars from customer reviews.
  2. Intex Supreme Air Flow: This bed is also one of our most comfortable beds. Customers find it to be sturdy and reliable choice at a great price.
  3. Fox Push High Beds:These beds are built for durability and comfort. Also, they are made with a high rise, for accessibility and support.
  4. Coleman: This bed is made with the pillow top for extra warmth, comfort, and support.
  5. Aerobed:This bed has a unique, mid back rest that provides back and head support. Also, Aerobed provides a one year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that you have a secure and comfortable bed.