We Need You!

Fox Air Mattress in a tree

Hello Friends,

AirMattress.com is searching for local (Idaho/Utah) blogging ninjas, rock stars, or Jedis to work with. Have you ever wanted to makeover a room in your home and then have the opportunity to blog about it? Here is your chance to team up with one of the largest air mattress powerhouses: AirMattress.com. We want to work with our local bloggers and help build each other's community.

We have many fabulous ideas for your blog: for example we could do a guest room makeover, stage a room, or turn an office into a guest room. Or, like we did this summer, take an air mattress white water rafting down the Salmon River. Yup, we did that.

Basically, however you think our product can help your readers is how we want to present it.

To contact us with your ideas, email our Marketing Manager at kris@foxwebstores.com