The Air Mattress Alternative

Air mattresses as a comfortable alternative have become more common in recent years with the increase in the quality of air mattresses. They can be used for more than your overnight guests and your mattress on your family camping trip. Some people may find themselves using an air mattress for something other than a quick overnight trip. It's often a cheaper alternative than using a regular box spring and mattress. More and more people are using a quality air bed as an alternative for a while to save some cash.

College student on air mattress

According to, air beds as a group have a 74% owner satisfaction rating. 75% of people rated the comfort of their air beds as fair to better than average. Also based on data collected about the owner experience, air mattresses have a lifespan of about 1 year of regular use.

Are you a college student?

This cheap solution can be for college students who are forced to sleep on dismal dormitory mattresses. An air bed can provide greater comfort than on beds that probably haven't been changed out in recent memory.


Another situation which may require long term use is moving. Often times you can get caught in between houses, or your bed has not quite arrived yet. This is an unsavory situation, but you don't have to worry. Setting up a suitable air bed can help with the transition while you wait. This is a much more financially sound decision as opposed to calling it quits and heading to a hotel.

Permanent guest bed

Even if you have a guest room, having an air bed as the permanent bed can be a financially saving alternative. This solution is great because most air beds can accommodate regular sized sheets and other accessories. You don't have to worry about your guests, and of course you don't have to sacrifice the quality with a good air mattress.

If you're going to use an air bed on a more permanent basis then there are some tips to keep in mind to care for your mattress.

Tips for use:

  1. Inflate your mattress every few days. Due to its nature, your airbed may gradually lose air and the material may stretch out. Do this to ensure the firmness of your airbed. While this is important, keep in mind to maybe let the some air out of air bed every so often. This is to relieve the pressure on the seams and to keep your bed in optimal condition.
  2. Replace this air bed on top of your box spring mattress. This increases the feel of a regular bed. It may be tempting to just throw a blanket on top of the air bed, but place sheets on it like any regular bed. Quality air beds are designed to accommodate sheets anyway, even having a make-shift headboard can help create the proper environment.
  3. When buying an air bed you should look for a mattress pad or an air bed with a built-in mattress pad (like our Fox Air Bed Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress.) This is important to maintain the level of comfort needed for consistent quality sleep. Air beds give good support, and also results in good contour support. The mattress pad helps to balance out the firmness of the air bed for optimal comfort.
  4. Sometimes air mattresses can feel cold, but this can be remedied with a mattress pad or a blanket on top of the bed. If you don't have a mattress pad, then a blanket on top of the mattress (but still under the sheets) works just fine.

Just because you may want to save some money, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. It's good to keep an air mattresses in mind as an affordable, comfortable alternative.