Momma's Camping Meal Plans

Boys eating lunch outside their tent

Camping should be enjoyable for everyone, even young parents who are planning a camping trip with kids. To make life easier on moms who are taking on the outdoors, we've made a camping food checklist. With these tips, we hope your next camping trip will bring everyone together and relieve some of the stresses of traveling with young kids.

Planning ahead will give you time to enjoy your trip while it's happening. I grew up with a mother that was always ten steps ahead of everyone. On our camping trips, I can remember her rising a little earlier than the rest of us to prepare a meal. She would dish up food on our paper plates before she ever took a bite. We would help her cook and clean, but I knew even as a young kid how much planning went into those trips. She packed things that I didn't even realize we would need until the moment arrived: things like sun block, mosquito repellent, and shampoo were all magical gifts that appeared from mom.

I wish our camping trips had been less taxing on my mom, but it's evident now how her foresight saved our family adventures from going sour. With her in mind, I've created these simple meal plans to make camping less hectic.

For Camping Mommas, Make Your Own Camping Food Checklist:

  1. Water jug and food cooler
  2. Water bucket or pail
  3. Cooking utensils: mixing bowls, metal spatula, stirring spoon, measuring cups, whisk, can opener, cheese grater, colander, tongs, baking pan
  4. Pots and pans, Dutch oven
  5. Eating utensils, plates, bowls
  6. Charcoal, matches, lighter, propane
  7. Propane stove
  8. Aluminum foil
  9. Paper towels, napkins
  10. Trash bags, sandwich/snack bags, Ziploc bags
  11. Dish soap and dish scrubber
  12. Cooking oil or pan spray
  13. Oven mitts
  14. Cutting board
  15. Seasonings
  16. Bags of ice

For a Three Day Meal Plan

Breakfast Ideas

  1. Scrambled eggs in a pita with salsa and cheese/ side of fresh or canned fruit
  2. Pancakes with meat (Prepare batter beforehand, bring in a Ziploc bag, cut off corner to pour)
  3. Cereal and milk with a side of fresh fruit

Lunch Ideas

  1. Peanut butter and banana/honey/or jam sandwich
  2. Canned chicken quesadillas with cheese and a side of fruit
  3. Turkey or canned chicken wrapped in a pita with cheese and veggies

Dinner Ideas

  1. Nachos heated over the fire with cheese, salsa, and veggies
  2. Sausage, peppers, onions, and red potatoes cooking in tin foil
  3. Garlic chicken and black beans cooked in the Dutch oven

Dessert Options

  1. Classic S'mores
  2. Easy peach cobbler
  3. Bananas with melted chocolate chips drizzled on top

Healthy Snacks

  1. Granola
  2. Trail Mix
  3. Hummus and vegetables

Simple Drinks

  1. Milk
  2. Juice or lemonade packet mixes
  3. Water