Insta-Bed Reviewed: 2 differences between Insta-Bed and Serta

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We already reviewed Serta's NeverFlat technology. While Serta might seem unique with this technology, it's actually not. Some of Insta-Bed's air mattresses are actually built with the NeverFlat technology as well. It makes sense since they're owned by the same company.

Of course the next logical question to ask is, what's the difference you're paying for? Serta generally speaking is a little more expensive than its Insta-Bed counterpart. Let's check out why:

Serta has a longer warranty. If you check all of the other air mattresses in the world compared to Serta, they will all come up short. Serta's two year warranty is the longest warranty for air mattresses. Insta-Bed offers a great warranty at a not-so-shabby one year warranty. Find two comparable beds, one in each brand, and the price difference often comes down to $10. That price difference covers your air mattress for one extra year. Aside from this, there is one other difference.

Insta-Bed is easier to take camping. You can't beat a built-in, electric pump. The problem taking a bed with a built-in pump camping is that most built-in pumps require an outlet. Insta-Bed has more options for camping. One air mattress, the Insta-Bed Stow-n-Go Queen Air Mattress has a built-in pump like many of our beds but it runs a battery instead. Most built-in pumps have to plug into the wall, which isn't useful while camping. This is a great alternative and minimizes packing (since you don't need an external pump).

No matter what you choose, they're both quality brands. We offer both Serta and Insta-Bed so our customers have their choice between the top air mattress brands.