How to Repair an Air Mattress

Whatever its purpose, you want your air mattress to hold up under the pressure of a camping trip or several visits from a guest. Overtime, accidents and wear are bound to happen, even to the most durable mattress. However, a leaky air mattress is no big deal. Once you find the leak, there is an easy repair process to fix your air mattress.

Repair Patch

Before you start, make sure you gather the materials you will need. These include:

  • Scissors
  • Patch kit
  • A 10 lb or heavier weight
  • Diluted all-purpose cleaner
  • Towel (try to avoid paper towels as they may leave fibers behind)
  • Soft wire brush or sandpaper

Begin by deflating your air mattress. If your leak is like most leaks, it will probably be on the bottom of your mattress; however, if it is on the top you will need to remove the flocking material around the leak for maximum adhesion. Get the surface wet where the patch will go, and start to strip the flocking with the soft wire brush or sandpaper. This process will reveal the vinyl. Then dry the surface with the towel.

Next, spray the area with the diluted all-purpose cleaner. This will remove any oil or particles around the leak.

  1. Take one of the patches from your kit, and cut a circle patch big enough to cover the leak.
  2. Apply generous amounts of glue onto the patch.
  3. Place the patch over the punctured area and press firmly to hold it in place.
  4. Set a weight of at least 10 pounds on to the patch.
  5. Wait about six to eight hours before you inflate your mattress again.

After you've waited the right amount of time, you can inflate your mattress to test it out. This repair is easy, quick, and prolongs the life of a good mattress.