How to Inflate and Deflate an Air Mattress

Scenarios are bound to occur where a comfortable and warm bed will be needed in a pinch: times like sudden visits from a friend or family member. For instance, your mother-in-law might arrive earlier than expected. She may be tired from travel and wants to sleep as soon as possible. One of you spends time trying to entertain her while your partner pulls out the air bed in the closet. You give your partner the eye-that suggests he or she should hurry up please-because your mother-in-law needs her rest. So your partner darts into the guest room to start the task of inflating the air bed.

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Here are some speedy steps to setting up an air mattress (and keeping your guests or relatives happy):

  1. Pay attention to the way the bed is folded. This will make folding it up again much easier. First, unfold the sides of the mattress on a flat surface, with plenty of space for the bed to expand.
  2. Depending on the bed, your mattress may have a built-in pump, a chord attached to a remote pump, or just a valve in which you place the pump. All of these options are simple to use and usually inflate pretty fast.
  3. Unscrew the air valve cap. (These next few steps will depend on the type of airbed)
    • If your bed is one that requires a separate pump, twist the valve open. Plug in your pump. Then, place the nozzle of the pump inside the hole. Turn on the pump and allow the air to begin filling. (Most brands require you to plug your pump into the wall before using the pump.)
    • If your bed has a remote control pump attached to the bed, just twist the cap, and press the inflate button.
  4. If your bed has a built-in pump, twist the cap to the direction which inflates. When the bed is filled, twist the cap in the direction that closes off the air flow.
  5. Make sure the valve is closed off to prevent air from leaking out. (Some beds have a lock option to secure air.)
  6. Check the firmness of the bed. If your guest likes a softer bed, allow some of the air to release. By letting more air into the bed, you can also make the bed sturdier.
  7. Last, decorate your bed with sheets, blankets, pillows, or a sleeping bag. This will make your guest feel more at home.

Hopefully, you can get the bed set up quickly before anyone decides to sleep on the couch (which he or she would surely regret in the morning). A well-inflated air mattress is sure to provide an excellent sleep for any guest


Deflating the bed is just as quick and simple. There are different steps depending on the brand of your mattress.

  1. On some beds, you unscrew the cap, and press a switch to release the air.
  2. With the external pump, untwist the cap and plug in the pump.
  3. Twist the cap in the direction that deflates.
  4. Place the nozzle of the pump in the hole, and then turn it on. It should deflate the air.
  5. For a bed with a built-in pump, untwist the cap and flip the release switch (this on/off switch is common for Intex and other brands).
  6. To speed up the deflation time, you can lie down on the mattress or push it down with your hands.
  7. Fold it up. This is an important step for a longer lasting air mattress.