How to Fold and Store an Air Mattress

Maintaining the quality of your airbed is a cinch if you follow these suggestions. This requires that you place your bed on a surface free of slivers, staples, or any potentially damaging items. If you remember how the bed was folded before it was inflated, it will make the process a bit easier. These steps will vary depending on the storage space, brand, and shape or your mattress.

College student on air mattress
  1. Find a flat surface. Make sure the area is clean.
  2. Brush off any dirt or excess material from the ground. You may need to wipe it off with a damp cloth if it has any spills. This protects your airbed from potential leaks.
  3. Slowly fold the sides of the bed long ways toward the middle. (Folding slowly will push out excess air) In elementary school, you may have learned about hamburger style or hotdog style. Well, these first folds should be hotdog style.
  4. Push down with your knees and hands to release the extra air.
  5. Depending on the size of the bed, you may want to fold it in half (hamburger style) so it can fit into the box.
  6. Next, start from one edge and roll the bag tightly toward the other edge. You should end up with a Fruit Roll-Up shape or something like a tape reel. Or you can fold it several times (hamburger and hotdog style) until it makes a small square.
  7. Then, you place the bag back in its proper bag or box. If you misplaced the box or bag, you can wrap your bag in a towel (or another type of cloth) and tie it down with bungee cords or rope. This step might require some imagination and innovation.
  8. Last, store your bag on a shelf or in a closet: some place that's easy to find later and one where the box will remain dry.

Air beds allow you to sleep comfortably no matter where you travel or who comes to visit. Once you get the hang of folding and storing your mattress, you will never want to be without one. These handy and comfortable beds free up space and suit the needs of many guests.