Fox Signature Memory Foam Queen Air Bed

Fox Airbeds is a trusted industry dealer that has six quality air mattresses in its collection. One of its trademark air mattresses is the Signature Memory Foam.

Over a year in the making, its unique features have been refined through many different prototype tests:

Fox Signature Memory Foam Air Bed in Guest Room
  • Memory Foam: This one inch thick memory foam was constructed with the perfect thickness in mind. Fox Airbeds found that if it was too thick, guests would have reduced mobility as they tried to move throughout the night. The foam is made of 50% memory foam and 50% regular foam, to help the shape rebound as you move throughout the night. Of course, it had to be thick enough to provide the right amount of comfort. The memory foam was also made to keep guests warm through the night.
  • Puncture Proof Bottom: Here at, we've encountered punctures. They can come from a pet's nails, staples on the floor or other sharp objects. As we've patched them, we've noticed most punctures occur on the bottom of the mattress. That is what makes the Signature Memory Foam so unique: the sheet design prevents punctures on the top and the extra thick vinyl protects the bottom of the mattress.
  • Fitted Bed Sheet & Skirt: The top sheet zips onto the bottom protective cover and prevents sheets from sliding around or bunching up. This air mattress could function well as a permanent guest bed because the bed skirt adds a finished touch.
  • Raised Edges: This feature took several prototypes to perfect. The goal was to prevent the edges from collapsing. The edges on the Signature Memory foam are sturdy and can hold a person's weight evenly.
  • High Output Pump: Fox Airbeds' goal was to assemble the bed (sheets and inflation included) in less than 5 minutes. Consequently, they created a high output pump to reach this goal. Because of this quality pump, you can now inflate the bed in under 2 minutes. After you've put the sheets on, the total amount of time you've spent setting up is just 5 minutes.

We really could go on and on about this air mattress, and it's one of our most popular air mattresses that we sell. And the most awesome. Read the reviews. People have used this as their primary bed, a permanent guest bed, and for the usual overnight guest bed.

If we've already sold you on it, click here to purchase yours today.

If you're still not sure, follow the link anyway. Keep reading about it (which basically reiterates the same thing in this blog post about its awesomeness.)