Fox Signature Air Mattress

We've saddled you with oodles of information about the Fox Signature Memory Foam, and well, that's because it ranks best when it comes to air mattresses. Instead of listening to us tell you, we are going to let the Internet community do it for us.

We hear you when you say you're sick of sleeping on a junky, flimsy, good-for-nothing air mattress—the same one that leaked during the night and dumped you on the floor by the morning. The time you tried to sleep two people on the mattress, left you sinking into the middle so that your face was crammed into the other person's back. When the other person tried to shift in the night, you were catapulted toward the edge. It was all a big mess.

Fox Airbeds, in comparison, have found ways to solve the most common problems customers experience with regular air mattresses. According to users, these beds have proven positive results. One customer explained how the bed lived up to her expectations: "We purchased it as an emergency solution - we close on our new home 3 days before the relocation company can get our furniture to us. . . I was well prepared for the bed when it arrived and was able to ensure my husband I didn't spend money on a dud! I feel confident in my purchase - so much so, we may use it in the spare bedroom all the time instead of the full sized log bed we had been using. They seem to have thought of everything."

Customers are pleased to find that if they order a queen, it maintains the actual dimensions of a queen size bed. "The bed is true to size, inflates easily and is comfortable considering it is an air bed," said one customer. "The bed looks fantastic once the sheets and the covers are added and it can pass for a real bed." Our buyers love that the bed is not only comfortable and spacious, but it also looks great.

Potential Uses:

Transform your guest bedroom without purchasing an expensive box spring mattress. The Memory Foam bed is raised to look and feel much like a normal bed. Getting in and out of bed is more accessible and guests will be thrilled to sleep on something with a memory foam topper, as was this reviewer: "Did some research, found this bed and it's great! I love the memory foam."

The Signature Memory Foam air mattress works great in a new home. For staging purposes, you can use this bed to set up a room. It comes with modern and neutral sheets for a sharp, classic look. Just listen to this customer comment on how great the Signature Memory Foam looks when presenting a room: "I'm using my air bed to 'stage' one of my bedrooms while my house is for sale. I didn't want to leave the bedroom bare so this was a great alternative. It went together easily & looks terrific. After I sell my house, it will come in handy for a spare bed for visitors in my new home."

You can transform an office quickly into a guest room. There's no need to leave your office room crowded with a heavy box spring mattress that's difficult to take down. Let your office be an office room and a guest room when needed. Since this bed is easy to set up, you can make your guests feel at home without having to completely reform your office.

"We have bought several lesser airbeds in the past and had problems with leaks or just not being comfortable. This bed is different. No leaks whatsoever and sleeps like a regular bed. I don't know if it is the thickness of the material or the overall height of the bed that makes it so good, but my wife said that if you didn't tell someone, they would think it is a regular bed. Absolutely fantastic."

Another customer claimed how great this bed worked as her family guest bed: "It was great! It was everything that the company said it was: easy to set up, comfortable, firm to the edge, durable, pet friendly. The only problem was to find room in our car on the way home; however, we finally figured it out and now I have a very comfortable extra bed for company."

Make it a constant sleeping solution. With the support and comfort this bed provides, customers are actually making the Signature Memory Foam into their permanent sleeping bed. It fits regular fitted sheets in the according size, allowing you to dress it up just like your previous mattress. This mattress has been reported to have sustained sleepers every night for months.

This customer uses it every night to help with back problems: "We love the bed. We use it as our primary bed. I had back surgery and our $2000+ pillow top bed was making my life miserable. I was waking up sore every morning. I was told by a friend to try an air bed. After looking for a while I picked this one and I'm glad I did. My wife and I love it. NO MORE SORE BACK!!!!"

The Fox Signature Memory Foam is designed to handle most sleeping situations. As you consider your purchase, be sure to check all the reviews you can, so you don't have to take our word for it. From other customer experiences, you can see how well this bed measures up.

Fox Signature Air Mattress Infographic