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This will probably be one of our shorter blog posts because it's one of the most self-explanatory. First go to our Facebook page. Click on the coupon that says "$20 off" on the Fan Offer app and it will prompt you to like our page. You will then be given a coupon code that can be redeemed on our website. We're running this coupon for the whole month of July, and the coupon code expires Aug. 9, 2013.

For those who need some advice on the best air mattress they can get, we thought we would let our customers speak for themselves. Divided into the type and size of air mattress, take a look at our best-selling air mattresses.


You technically could take any air mattress out camping, but there are some more suited for the outdoor life. They generally come with an external pump and are the classic 9 inch height. There is even one air mattress designed to fit in the back of an SUV.

In Home

These air mattresses tend to be a higher quality, and consequently a little more expensive. They’re perfect for visiting in-laws, a temporary bed solution, or even staging a room. Most in-home air mattresses are raised, have built-in pumps and generally look more professional. Here are the customer favorites among the different sizes:

Please take advantage of this offer before it expires. We want you to get the best deal you can this summer. Let us know your experience by posting on our Facebook page.