Air Mattress Reviews: Testing Serta's Neverflat Technology

Serta Raised Insta III Queen Air Mattress in testing

Reviews start with us here at Since we don't sell anything we don't stand behind, we test out our own products as we get them. We've recently bumped up the number of Serta beds that we sell, and so we did our own research on the brand.

Part of our research included reading what other people had to say about Serta. After perusing some customer reviews, we noted a few common themes among what customers had been saying. Most people felt quite favorably towards Serta and the majority of comments went something like this:

"I do not know what beds they use for sleeping on Mars, but here on Earth this air bed is out of this world."

"I trust the Serta name and you get what you pay for so its quality. The electric on-board pump fills it up in no time also can deflate it with pump saves time. Overall very happy with it."

"This bed was very comfortable, and worked exactly as advertised."

Of course as we sorted through the comments we did find some negative things about the air mattress. No product is perfect, even if it's still a great quality.

Negative reviews aren't uncommon for any product, but what we thought was unusual were the one or two comments about the NeverFlat technology. For those of you who don't know, Serta has a secondary pump that inflates throughout the night to ensure the mattress retains the firmness at the designated setting (Serta has three options you can pick from.)

The comment went on to complain that the NeverFlat technology was not-so-silent when the secondary pump turned on:

"The NeverFlat feature makes a constant (low buzz) noise and so I will always disable that feature."

Serta advertises its mattress (and we do on our site) that this pump is (near) silent. We had never come across this complaint before, so we decided to focus on this specifically.

We pulled out our Serta Raised Insta III Queen Air Mattress with Built-In Pump to see if the NeverFlat pump did have a low buzz as a few customers had commented on. Once the mattress was inflated to a certain level, we then proceeded to deflate the air mattress a bit and piled up a few items from our storage on top of the mattress to speed up the process. This initiated the NeverFlat pump, which turned on to counter the air loss.

You can tell the NeverFlat pump has switched on by the little red light that comes on. Once the light was on, the people next to the NeverFlat pump would then say if they could hear anything. This is what we've come up with:

  1. You have Superman-like hearing. Seriously though. It's pretty quiet and you can barely hear anything at all. We decided maybe there is a difference between having your ear next to the pump as opposed to sleeping with your ear on the mattress. This brings us to our next point.
  2. You're sleeping with your head right next to the pump, so you might hear a quiet buzz. Kind of like a very quiet refrigerator. If you manage to hear anything at all, just switch around so your head is at the other end of the air mattress.
  3. The only reason we could think of that could maybe cause a noise is that, unfortunately, your air mattress has been punctured! The NeverFlat pump might be struggling to keep up with the leak, which may result in a louder than average buzz.

We hope this information helps you as you mull over your Serta purchase. Be sure to read other reviews, and we hope that you'll find what we did—that Serta is a quality brand. Check out our selection on Serta, just in time for the holidays.