Tricks for Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

Guest Room

You don't have to be the perfect host to provide an excellent sleeping space for your guests. These tricks will keep even your high-maintenance friends and relatives satisfied. With a little garnishing, and hopefully some items you already own, you can enhance the guest bedroom and consequently your guest's experience.

10 items to transform your guestroom:

  1. A quality air mattress: There's no need to have an expensive box and spring mattress for every guest. You can purchase a quality air mattress at an affordable price. A raised air mattress is the best way to go, especially for older guests. A raised height will allow your guest to get in and out of bed easier. With an airbed, you get convenient portability—which means you won't have to permanently restyle a whole bedroom.
  2. Comfortable and clean bedding: Depending on the time of year, you may want either cotton or flannel sheets. Jersey knit is another great choice because it stretches easily around an airbed, and it tends to be a more breathable fabric.
  3. Throw blankets and pillows: These might seem like unnecessary or deluxe items for a guest room. However, throw blankets and pillows enhance the room's appearance, and they allow your guests to sleep how they prefer. (A good guest room gives options for the guest).
  4. A night stand/table: It's good to furnish a place where your guests can set a book or a phone next to the bed. A night stand will make the room feel more like a bedroom, especially if your guests are sleeping in the sewing room or an office.
  5. A lamp: You may like to have lights out every night at the same time, but your guests might be night owl types. A lamp gives them the option to stay up and read. It also gives them a way to get up during the night to use the restroom or have a little snack.
  6. Towels/robe: When you put the towels in the guest room ahead of time, your guests can shower at their leisure. This is small detail, which makes a guest feel cared for. Also, leave a door hook or hanger where guests can hang their towels afterward.
  7. A water bottle/glass cup: For a nice gesture, you can place a water bottle or glass cup (glass looks fancier) on the night stand. You don't have to always be on top of your guest's thirst schedule; you just need to prepare for it.
  8. A fan: If you know a certain room tends to get hot, it's much easier on the guest and you if you provide a fan ahead of time. Some guests may not tell you if they are melting away at night. Therefore, they will begin to resent you before the end of their stay. To avoid any grudges, give your guests the option to cool down or heat up their sleep space.
  9. Chocolates or other little candies: It may sound silly or excessive, but a small bedside treat is something your guests will remember. Sweets can do wonders for a person's mood, so why not give your guests a savory delight? It might even make them feel like they are in a hotel. Just make sure they don't turn you into room service.
  10. Leave a note: Rather than trying to explain where everything is, you can place a short note by the bed explaining certain details. There's no need to overwhelm your guests with a long-winded catalog. Just give them tips on things like where to find more towels, toothpaste, the iron, etc.