• Boy camping in tent

    When camping with your kids, there are a few pearls of wisdom to follow. First, don't go far away from home—your house should be a 20-minute drive away so you can make it quickly in an emergency. Second, if it's your child's first camping trip, start with just an overnight trip. Third, create a detailed list of what you need and double check everything before you go.


  • Insta-Bed Reviewed: 2 differences between Insta-Bed and Serta


    We already reviewed Serta's NeverFlat technology. While Serta might seem unique with this technology, it's actually not. Some of Insta-Bed's air mattresses are actually built with the NeverFlat technology as well.


  • Toddler Air Mattress: Testing out the Aerobed Kids Air Mattress

    Toddler Air Mattress

    Last week we reviewed Serta's NeverFlat technology, and this week we're reviewing the AeroBed Kids Twin Air Mattress.

    Toddler air mattresses are a popular choice for parents; mostly because they're easy to take on a trip. Unfortunately, there aren't many toddler air mattresses out there. A quick search on Google yields about 12 toddler beds. Here on AirMattress.com, we only sell two. Read More >>

  • Air Mattress Reviews: Testing Serta's Neverflat Technology

    Fox Air Mattress in a tree

    Reviews start with us here at AirMattress.com. Since we don't sell anything we don't stand behind, we test out our own products as we get them. We've recently bumped up the number of Serta beds that we sell, and so we did our own research on the brand.


  • We Need You!

    Fox Air Mattress in a tree

    Hello Friends,

    AirMattress.com is searching for local (Idaho/Utah) blogging ninjas, rock stars, or Jedis to work with. Have you ever wanted to makeover a room in your home and then have the opportunity to blog about it? Here is your chance to team up with one of the largest air mattress powerhouses: AirMattress.com. We want to work with our local bloggers and help build each other's community.

    We have many fabulous ideas for your blog: for example we could do a guest room makeover, stage a room, or turn an office into a guest room. Or, like we did this summer, take an air mattress white water rafting down the Salmon River. Yup, we did that. Read More >>

  • Free Air Mattress: Enter to Win the Ultimate Guest Bed ... Just in Time for the Holidays

    Ultimate Guest Bed Giveaway

    It shouldn't be surprising that we're offering a free air mattress since that's what we sell. But there is method to the madness because we know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. That's why we are launching another Superior Seasonal Sleep Giveaway to help our customers be excellent hosts. For those who need extra beds for all their relatives and friends, air mattresses are a great option. Read More >>

  • Stop the Insanity: 9 Vital Tips You Need for Hosting Holiday Guests (Minus the Stress)

    9 Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests

    More often than not, preparing for holiday guests quickly leaves you feeling overwhelmed by the tasks you need to accomplish. Sometimes in the pursuit of finishing these tasks, you can forget a few things that are important for helping guests feel comfortable.

    What will really will help you out is preparation. Having a solid plan of action in mind will help you prioritize. Not only does this minimize the stress you'll inevitably feel, but you and your guests will enjoy your holiday much more. Read More >>

  • Camping Sleep Tips

    Couple roasting hot dogs by the fire

    There are many things that can improve sleep while camping. There are many things that can affect our sleep, especially while we're out camping.

    Noise: This is an actual comment left on a comment card for the U.S. Forest Service by somebody who had just completed a camping trip: "The coyotes made too much noise last night and kept me awake. Please eradicate these annoying animals." Read More >>

  • 5 Practical Life Hacks for Camping

    5 Practical Camping Life Hacks

    As you peruse the Internet, you'll invariably come across various "life hacks" for camping. Turns out, most of those things are just burdensome, cumbersome items that have no need to be on a camping trip in the first place. You might feel it depends on what kind of camping you're doing, but either way, less is always more.

    It's important to focus on the basics of camping, and look to the items you already use and have in your home. Read More >>

  • Tricks for Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

    Guest Room

    You don't have to be the perfect host to provide an excellent sleeping space for your guests. These tricks will keep even your high-maintenance friends and relatives satisfied. With a little garnishing, and hopefully some items you already own, you can enhance the guest bedroom and consequently your guest's experience.

    10 items to transform your guestroom:


  • Five Ways to Keep Moving at the Office

    Woman stretching at her desk

    Many of us are required to sit for 6 to 8 (or more) hours a day. With sedentary jobs, reasons to move naturally about the office are hard to come by. Most of us can't just get up and do 50 jumping jacks without some level of questioning from co-workers. Making excuses to get up and move can be uncomfortable. Yet, for anyone who has sat in a leather chair staring at a screen for more than 5 hours, knows that you will eventually need a break. Read More >>

  • Camping Helps Tune Our Biological Clocks

    Family by the campfire

    As biological clocks go, maybe you feel like yours is way out of sync. Maybe you feel like this can't be helped because you've always been a night owl and you feel more alert at night anyway. If this is the case, you might want to consider how artificial light (TV, computer, lights) affects your late night sleep schedule.

    In a study published August 1 in the journal Current Biology, researchers found subjects who spent time in natural light shifted their bed and rising times earlier by two hours. Read More >>

  • Why You Should go Camping This Summer

    Family Hiking

    Give yourself a chance to use the tent with those tricky poles that never seem to bend right. Look forward to unraveling the flannel sleeping bag, the hand-me-down from your parents, which smells like Brut, sweat, and campfire. With warm clothes for the cool nights, and a durable air mattress, each of you can enjoy a sound sleep away from home. Take a chance on your hiking boots from the 80s and douse your exposed skin with mosquito repellent. With the power of the automobile, you and the family can explore a new camping location, providing a vacation fit for everyone.

    While there are many ways to vacation, camping seems to be the perfect way to submit your will to Mother Nature's unforeseen ways and take on some new adventures. It doesn't matter how you and your family choose to camp. You might be the type who likes to rough it in a real way: meaning no tent, just backpacks filled with basic survival gear. If this is your family, please tell Bear Grylls hello for us, and enjoy your trip. Read More >>

  • Camping Checklist

    pen and paper checklist

    We've all been there. All week you've looked forward to the weekend when you can get out and reunite with nature. Sometimes in your haste to leave the house, you have leave behind some essential items needed for the campsite. Maybe you weren't even sure what to bring camping. That's what this camping checklist is for: an easy way to ensure you have everything you need so you can actually relax while camping.

    Food can be a little trickier to plan for. In fact, we have a whole article devoted to a 3 day menu plan to use for camping and on what food to pack. Read our Momma's Camping Meal Plans article to get your food items in order. When planning meals, take into account how long the trip is going to be and who is going. You should plan for snacks in between meals especially if children are part of the camping experience. Take recipes with you! If you're trying something new, it's best to have the recipe with you for a quick reference, even if you feel like you've got it down. Read More >>

  • Celebrate Summer: $20 off Coupon Code

    Summer Sale

    This will probably be one of our shorter blog posts because it's one of the most self-explanatory. First go to our Facebook page. Click on the coupon that says "$20 off" on the Fan Offer app and it will prompt you to like our page. You will then be given a coupon code that can be redeemed on our website. We're running this coupon for the whole month of July, and the coupon code expires Aug. 9, 2013.

    For those who need some advice on the best air mattress they can get, we thought we would let our customers speak for themselves. Divided into the type and size of air mattress, take a look at our best-selling air mattresses. Read More >>

  • Win a Free Camping Kit

    Win the Ultimate Seasonal Sleep Camping Kit

    How would you like to win a premade camping kit, featuring one of our deluxe airbeds? Well this summer, we are throwing a Superior Sleep Seasonal Giveaway Sweepstakes contest just for you. Summertime is the ultimate season for camping and other outdoor activities. With this in mind, we've created a chance for our special fans to receive a deluxe camping kit for a superior camping experience. Read More >>

  • Fox Signature Air Mattress

    Fox Signature Infographic

    We've saddled you with oodles of information about the Fox Signature Memory Foam, and well, that's because it ranks best when it comes to air mattresses. Instead of listening to us tell you, we are going to let the Internet community do it for us.

    We hear you when you say you're sick of sleeping on a junky, flimsy, good-for-nothing air mattress—the same one that leaked during the night and dumped you on the floor by the morning. The time you tried to sleep two people on the mattress, left you sinking into the middle so that your face was crammed into the other person's back. When the other person tried to shift in the night, you were catapulted toward the edge. It was all a big mess. Read More >>

  • Momma's Camping Meal Plans

    Boys eating lunch outside their tent

    Camping should be enjoyable for everyone, even young parents who are planning a camping trip with kids. To make life easier on moms who are taking on the outdoors, we've made a camping food checklist. With these tips, we hope your next camping trip will bring everyone together and relieve some of the stresses of travelling with young kids.

    Planning ahead will give you time to enjoy your trip while it's happening. Read More >>

  • Matching Air Mattresses and Tent Sizes

    Family camping in tent

    I know, I know. The main thing you're worried about when you're going camping is, "What's the size of my air mattress in comparison to my tent?" Right. Well, this is a passing thought many people have on the way to the campsite, but by then, it's too late; you've already committed to an air mattress (or two) and a tent.

    Like most people, you might be allergic to math in any form, but doing some quick calculations while shopping for your tent and air mattress will save you a headache later on. First, let's check out the dimensions of the standard air mattress sizes.

    Air Mattress Sizes

    • King: 6'4" x 6'8"
    • Queen: 5'0" x 6'8"
    • Full: 4'6" x 6'3"
    • Twin: 3'3" x 6'3"

    While most people take camping at a more leisurely pace, there are those who want to have a more adventurous camping adventure. Then weight of the air mattress becomes just as important as its dimensions. Read More >>

  • Choosing a Camping Air Mattress

    When people go camping, they generally fall into two different categories: those who can sleep on the ground and those who cannot. For those who cannot do, they teach. Since I find myself in the no-can-sleep-on-the-ground camp, I hope to share my knowledge of comfy air mattresses with likeminded campers. Here are some general points to look for in a camping air mattress.

    Boy camping with air mattress

    Lighter vs. Heavier Air Mattresses

    There are several components to keep in mind when searching for the right camping air mattress. Everyone cares about comfort, but if this is your main concern, then it's worthwhile to get a heavier, more durable, and ultimately more comfortable air mattress. For people who camp close to home or with young kids probably fall into this category. Read More >>

  • Sleep Well, Even While Travelling

    Nothing messes up your sleep schedule more than travelling. The National Sleep Foundation found that of 1,004 adults polled, more would rather sleep in their own bedroom than a quality hotel room. It could be your custom bedding, or the comfortable dent you made in your air mattress, but often the best sleep happens in your own room.

    Woman sleeping in an airplane

    There are two things to consider about sleeping while travelling: sleeping en route and sleeping well once you've arrived. Different tactics must be applied to either situation for optimal sleep.

    Advice for Sleeping on a Plane, Bus, or in a Car

    Depending on the length and time of the flight or drive, you might be disrupting your usual sleep routine. Any number of factors can affect how well you sleep, so it's important to come prepared in order to increase your sleeping ability while travelling. Read More >>

  • How to Sleep With Seasonal Allergies

    Woman with allergies

    Allergies are prevalent every spring. Lately, I have been refusing to acknowledge that I have any sort of allergy, while sitting at my work desk with puffy eyes and itchy, consistent sneezes. I use eye drops most mornings and I have been taking a Claritin D more often, but I guess my pride has taken over--I don't want to be a victim of allergies.

    According to the Huffington Post, a recent survey from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America found that 59 percent of people with nasal allergies say they have trouble sleeping because of their symptoms. Read More >>

  • Sleep Your Way to a Better Business

    Sleep Your Way to Better Business Infographic

    In recent years, there has been a push for eating better and exercising more. However, the third pillar of health is often shortchanged: getting enough sleep. Adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and 40.6 million workers get an average of 6 hours or less of sleep. Roughly 74% of employees over 30, who reported inadequate sleep, said that their sleepiness affected their work. This problem has raised an interesting solution in the past decade or so, which is letting employees nap at work.

    Napping at work? Really? Many people find this concept hard to grasp, since when you go to work, you're supposed to, well, work. There is burgeoning research on the effectiveness of midday naps at work. Read More >>

  • Why Choose a High Rise Air Mattress

    Choosing a high rise versus a classic rise air bed can definitely make a difference in your sleep. You may have experienced an airbed that caved in by the morning, or maybe it dropped you on the floor as you shifted from one corner to the other. If this was the case, there's no need to worry because there are airbeds made to conquer these problems. In fact, most people agree that sleeping on a high rise has a definite advantage over the classic rise. The question then becomes, which high rise is best? What features are important to look for in a high rise air bed?

    The perfect raised airbed can provide the kind of sleep you have been missing: one of plushness and peace. Beds such as Fox Airbed's high rise air mattresses have a few qualities that you just can't overlook while choosing an air mattress.

    Fox Plush High Rise Queen Air Mattress
    • Fox Airbed's high rise beds are made with a unique air chamber construction that circulates air smoothly through the mattress. Therefore, all sides of the bed are even and durable. Staying at someone else's house might make it difficult to get a quality sleep. To ensure that your guests wake up in a relatively good mood, look for beds with a firm and adjustable surface. This way, each sleeper will not be affected by the other sleeper's movement. Read More >>
  • Fox Signature Memory Foam Queen Air Bed

    Fox Airbeds is a trusted industry dealer that has six quality air mattresses in its collection. One of its trademark air mattresses is the Signature Memory Foam.

    Over a year in the making, its unique features have been refined through many different prototype tests:

    Fox Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress
    • Memory Foam: This one inch thick memory foam was constructed with the perfect thickness in mind. Fox Airbeds found that if it was too thick, guests would have reduced mobility as they tried to move throughout the night. The foam is made of 50% memory foam and 50% regular foam, to help the shape rebound as you move throughout the night. Of course, it had to be thick enough to provide the right amount of comfort. The memory foam was also made to keep guests warm through the night. Read More >>
  • How to Fold and Store an Air Mattress

    Maintaining the quality of your airbed is a cinch if you follow these suggestions. This requires that you place your bed on a surface free of slivers, staples, or any potentially damaging items. If you remember how the bed was folded before it was inflated, it will make the process a bit easier. These steps will vary depending on the storage space, brand, and shape or your mattress.

    Serta NeverFlat EZ Bed Queen Air Mattress
    1. Find a flat surface. Make sure the area is clean.
    2. Brush off any dirt or excess material from the ground. You may need to wipe it off with a damp cloth if it has any spills. This protects your airbed from potential leaks.
    3. Slowly fold the sides of the bed long ways toward the middle. (Folding slowly will push out excess air) In elementary school, you may have learned about hamburger style or hotdog style. Well, these first folds should be hotdog style. Read More >>
  • The Air Mattress Alternative

    Air mattresses as a comfortable alternative have become more common in recent years with the increase in the quality of air mattresses. They can be used for more than your overnight guests and your mattress on your family camping trip. Some people may find themselves using an air mattress for something other than a quick overnight trip. It's often a cheaper alternative than using a regular box spring and mattress. More and more people are using a quality air bed as an alternative for a while to save some cash.

    College student on air mattress

    According to Sleeplikethedead.com, air beds as a group have a 74% owner satisfaction rating. 75% of people rated the comfort of their air beds as fair to better than average. Also based on data collected about the owner experience, air mattresses have a lifespan of about 1 year of regular use.

    Are you a college student?

    This cheap solution can be for college students who are forced to sleep on dismal dormitory mattresses. An air bed can provide greater comfort than on beds that probably haven't been changed out in recent memory. Read More >>

  • What Your Air Mattress Says About You

    What Your Air Mattress Says About You Infographic

    The way you live is likely to affect your sleep. But all lifestyle choices aside, let's determine the sleeping category in which you exist. You may be a knee sleeper: someone who juts his or her legs out at a 90 degree angle, usually into a fellow sleeper's back. Or you might be a starfish sleeper: this includes sleepers who splay their long limbs toward every corner of the bed, with no regard for others. You may be a snuggler: someone who needs close connections during the night—this includes setting the Jerry Maguire DVD on replay while intertwining legs, arms, and sometimes toes. There might be one person, somewhere out there who sleeps with his or her face in the pillow, knees bunched toward the chest, and arms outspread. If this is you, that's okay. There is an ideal mattress out there that can amplify your sleep as well.

    Whatever the case, there is an airbed for everyone. So we've organized some styles that might fit you, your routine, and most importantly your sleep. Read More >>

  • What is the Best Air Mattress?

    Just like any bed, air mattresses are important. Quality air beds allow you to optimize space while storing them or using them. They are recommended for many temporary or permanent sleeping occasions such as camping, traveling, moving, and much more. It's essential to find the perfect air bed for yourself or for your guests because one uncomfortable bed can throw off anyone's sleep. Luckily, as air mattress quality continues to improve, finding a handy and affordable air bed is much easier.

    Fox Signature Memory Foam Infographic

    Here are 5 qualities you should look for:

    1. Comfort- Finding the right comfort for you is important to us, so we've listed several beds with different comfort levels.
    2. Durability- We expect our beds to last and this is possible with the best vinyl material. Our beds are made to be a sustainable asset to your home or anywhere you'd like to travel. Read More >>

  • How to Inflate and Deflate an Air Mattress

    Scenarios are bound to occur where a comfortable and warm bed will be needed in a pinch: times like sudden visits from a friend or family member. For instance, your mother-in-law might arrive earlier than expected. She may be tired from travel and wants to sleep as soon as possible. One of you spends time trying to entertain her while your partner pulls out the air bed in the closet. You give your partner the eye—that suggests he or she should hurry up please—because your mother-in-law needs her rest. So your partner darts into the guest room to start the task of inflating the air bed.


    Fox Plush High Rise King Air Mattress

    Here are some speedy steps to setting up an air mattress (and keeping your guests or relatives happy):

    1. Pay attention to the way the bed is folded. This will make folding it up again much easier. First, unfold the sides of the mattress on a flat surface, with plenty of space for the bed to expand.
    2. Depending on the bed, your mattress may have a built-in pump, a chord attached to a remote pump, or just a valve in which you place the pump. All of these options are simple to use and usually inflate pretty fast.
    3. Unscrew the air valve cap. (These next few steps will depend on the type of airbed) Read More >>
  • Dos and Don'ts For a Good Night's Sleep

    Sleep has to be one of the most underrated activities you can do to improve your health. Too often you might short change how much sleep you ought to get. The average adult needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep. This may seem pretty unrealistic considering long work hours, jetlag, medications, room climate, various noises, or even a weak mattress.

    Sleep Infographic

    Are we getting the rest we need?

    Despite your tangled hair, hound dog eyes, and dragging arms, you may not even realize you're not getting enough sleep. If you feel exhausted, and constantly long for a day-time nap, you may need to readjust your sleeping groove. While napping can be useful for preventing bleary eyes and excessive yawns, napping longer than 30 minutes can throw off your sleeping routine. Read More >>

  • How to Repair an Air Mattress

    Whatever its purpose, you want your air mattress to hold up under the pressure of a camping trip or several visits from a guest. Overtime, accidents and wear are bound to happen, even to the most durable mattress. However, a leaky air mattress is no big deal. Once you find the leak, there is an easy repair process to fix your air mattress.

    Deflating Mattress

    Before you start, make sure you gather the materials you will need. These include:

    • Scissors
    • Patch Kit
    • A 10 lb or heavier weight
    • Diluted all-purpose cleaner
    • Towel (try to avoid paper towels as they may leave fibers behind)
    • Soft wire brush or sandpaper
  • How to Find a Leak in an Air Mattress

    In recent years, air mattresses have been getting a lot of positive attention. Their convenient and portable nature makes them the number one choice for guest beds or even permanent beds. As with any inflatable product, if they spring a leak they seem useless.

    Rather than tossing the air bed in the trash, air bed owners are searching the Internet for ways of fixing or repairing their air mattress. If you have ever tried to patch or repair an inflatable air bed, you probably gave up if you couldn't locate the leak. Well, you are not alone, most do. Here are a few steps that should help you spot the leak, making it possible to patch or repair it.

    Deflating Mattress

    1. Inflate and Inflate Some More:

    The first step to finding a leak in your air mattress is to get as much air into the air mattress as possible. If your air bed has a built-in pump, let it run a little longer than you normally would for maximum inflation. Slightly over-inflating the air bed may open up the smaller leaks but should not damage the air bed while you're searching for the hole. Read More >>