"Best Air Mattress I've Ever Owned."

- Amazon Reviewer

How is it so durable?

Stronger seams that are 40% stronger than vinyl beds


Airmattress.com has been selling every major brand of air mattress since 2003. We have dealt with so many styles and with various materials with each company.

We took the very best and learned from the very worst, and have put together the most durable air mattress. Every brand, no matter what the warranty, builds their air mattresses with cheap materials.

The major brands would have a 3% defect rate. The Best Choice air mattress is under 1%. This is absolutely reshaping the air bed industry with durability such as this.

Because options are nice.

We offer a raised bed in every size option.





If you order a queen, you can expect a queen.

When we sold every brand, one of the most common complains we got from customers was, "the bed is NOT true to size."

Trust us, we get it. If you order a queen, you expect a true queen air bed to show up. Not a "measure from bulge to bulge and carry the one," kind of bed.


Best Choice

in Coverage

  • 60 Night Risk-Free, Money Back Trial
  • 180 Day, Leak-Proof Warranty